Photo Ready Babies

It’s photo day at preschool! What to do?!

Anyone who has had children will know, that they grow and change at an exponential rate during their first few years of life. Many modern parent’s today are eager to capture these changes in their children by documenting them through photography.


Economics of Babies or How to Save Some Money

Save on Babies - Shipping IncludedBabies are expensive. If you’re reading this you already know that, because you have a baby or had a baby and know how crazy expensive they are. It’s truly remarkable the amount of money new parents are willing to spend on their baby, practicularly the first one. (Hey no judgment here, I was the same way).

I would cringe when I was asked to shell out $50 for an oil change. $850 for a high tech stroller? Oh yeah, no problem. Oddly enough it wasn’t like I had to convince my husband that this was the right thing to do. He already has his credit card out by the time I said “stroller”.


Parents Have Options When it Comes to Educational Programming

The average child spends more than three hours per day watching television, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Television programs and DVDs are great for children if they have the right content, so it is important to choose educational programs that will help your child learn and develop new skills. Gone are the days of just sitting your child down in front of the small tube TV. Now, there are bigger flat screen TVs and even projectors (compare projectors here) that your children can watch.


Safety Products for Kids Under 6 Years Old

Once kids get past the toddler age and start walking and communicating many parents get overconfident and think that they get let down their guard a bit in the house. However, a child under the age of six can still get in a lot of trouble which is why it is important to keep all safety products installed in the home. You never know which safety product will end up saving your child making it worth it to have every item in full place around the home.

To begin with, make sure you keep all security locks on drawers and cabinets that hold cleaning chemicals and other similar products. A child that is this young might still be persuaded to try something just because it has a fruity smell. For example, the apple or orange scented mopping solution might sound like a treat, but it’s a treat that could end up in disaster with your child in the emergency room if they get to it. A simple security
lock on the cabinets is all it takes to avoid this disaster.


Baby Products for Newborns

A new baby! One of life’s great moments has arrived. Before you bring your bundle of joy home, though, make sure you have the following to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

A crib is the place where a newborn will be spending a lot of time, so it is important to pick a good one. Is there one that has been handed down through the family or was acquired second-hand? If so, be careful. Many older cribs may not comply with modern safety standards and may pose a serious threat to a baby. Make sure that the slats along the sides are spaced closely together and the mattress is the proper size to fit the crib snugly.