Home Health Aide for Sick Children

Being a parent is a massive job all by itself. When children are disabled, ill or the parents have jobs with special circumstances, like extensive travel or a more-than-average workload, parents can hire the services of a home health aide to fill in where they simply cannot. This post is a bit of a departure for products and talks more about a service for children, Home Health Care from a Trained Professional Home Health Aide.

Many of us are familiar with this concept; though most generally associate it with home health care for the elderly, terminally ill or situations where complex medical equipment is a part of the process. However, home health aides are actually quite common for children as well.

Challenges of Have a Sick Child

Having a sick child doesn’t mean that parents no longer have to work, quite the opposite in fact. In many cases, the additional financial burdens of a special needs child require parents to work even more than usual. Often times they must take on a second job.

Furthermore, most parents aren’t health care professionals. And though they care deeply for their children, enough to eventually become unofficial experts of their child’s malady, they do not possess the professional skills and knowledge required to properly tend to their children’s needs. The home health aide can also give stressed parents some much needed downtime.

Home Health Aide Can Help

Home health aides might be needed for long-term disorders like cerebral palsy or autism, but sometimes they can be retained temporarily when children, or babies in many cases, have short-term needs that require extra care. For example, when infants who were born prematurely are discharged from the hospital, a home health aide might be required to ensure their proper care, just until they become strong enough (and parents become confident enough) to be placed fully in the care of the parents

Better Environment At Home

These short-term arrangements allow babies and parents to feel more at ease in the comforts of their own home rather than the sterile, foreign environment of a hospital. A comprehensive review of home health care studies, featured in a 2002 issue of the journal, Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, showed that having children at home instead of in a hospital contributes to less stress on the parents, more improved medical outcomes for the child and, perhaps surprisingly, the cost can be significantly lower.

Also, if parents are able to look after their children during the day, home health aides are often available for the night shift, keeping a vigilant watch on the child while parents sleep. This allows parents to take an active role in their child’s life and care while also giving them peace of mind and rest during the night.

Home health aides are trained professionals (Called HHA Training) when it comes to health and children. In the event a parent, or both parents, have demanding jobs that require them to work nights, or travel frequently, a home health aide can ensure the children are properly taken care of. In a sense, they are nannies but with the added benefit of extensive medical knowledge and training.

Home health aides are often seen as angels, and quickly form strong bonds with children and parents. For many, it’s not just their job to facilitate the healthy development of a child; it’s their calling. And it’s something they take great pride in doing well, knowing that a child and their parents’ hopes and dreams are pinned on them.

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