How To Improve Your Child’s Mind

imporve a child's mind (1)There’s no doubt that children are the parents’ source of happiness and bliss. The moment they were born into this world as a bundle of joy, we have committed ourselves to raise and love them. We have recorded special moments of them, even just in the memory, from the moment they smiled, walked and talked.

So as a parent, it is pretty much our responsibility to fully cater to the needs of our children, from their physical and mental needs to psychological needs. But most parents, especially the first time parents have a hard time to cater all these needs. This often leads to lack of development, especially in the mind. Some people think it’s impossible to improve a child’s mind and intellect because it’s inherited from parents. But I tend to disagree in this belief, mostly because I know that anything can be learned, but only if it is taught right. In this article, we’re going to give you some advice, all from personal experience on how to properly improve and develop your child’s mind.

Storytelling through storytelling, you can teach your kid not only the values of the story but also to expand their imagination. Getting a routine every night, can help your child’s mind grow and develop at a moderate pace.

Mind games – playing games that involve strategy and critical thinking can help stimulate a child’s mind. It also cultivates concentration and perception. These games are often in forms of crossword puzzles, wood blocks, checkers, scrabbles and word jumbles.

imporve a child's mind (3)Art – creating things through art gives children to work freely on their creations. Art comes in many forms like painting, building, sculpting, moulding and drawing. When creating art with children, make sure to let them work on their own and don’t force to make them create something unrealistic for their age.

Interactions – to fully develop your child’s intellectual growth, it’s important to give them day to day interactions that involve you and your baby! If you still have an infant child, it’s significant to hold your child often and communicate through gestures. Even if your child still doesn’t understand you, feeling and seeing you interact with him/her, will matter significantly because his/her mind will process you as the information.

If you have a much older child, try to interact with them by taking them regularly to the park or bringing them to a children’s library, where they can attend groups of storytellers or read a book on their own.

Give out praise Most parents do not understand the supremacy of praise but giving out praise is almost as important as winning a Nobel peace prize for children. Praises and compliments help your child become confident and secure.

imporve a child's mind (2)Feed them right – providing the right nutrients needed by your child is significant because a healthy child is a healthy mind. The world is consumed with so many junk and processed foods these days that healthy food is now overthrown. Getting the right nutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates for your child is important to give them mental energy. Foods that contain antioxidants also improve the mind and memory. Eggs, beans, nuts and omega three fats are the ideal sample for healthy food.