Important Cleaning Tips for New Moms

With your home blessed with a new addition to the family, cleaning often takes on a whole different dimension for new mothers. Not only will you have to clean up after your little one, you’ll also have to regularly wipe down surfaces to ensure they are 100% protected from infection and disease.

The best way to save yourself from being overwhelmed is getting clued up on the best cleaning tips you can find all in one place.

Baby laundry basket

Your newborn is guaranteed to go through clothes like there is no tomorrow, so it makes sense to give them their very own laundry basket from the get go. Keep it near their changing table, and make sure to treat stains straight away with a spray before adding them to the basket. Plan to clean everything inside twice a week using a mild detergent.

Toy basket

If you can manage to keep your child’s dirty clothes in check with their own laundry basket you can do a similar job when it comes to their toys. Avoid clutter by having a large round flat basket to keep all of his or her stuffed animals and rattles in and on display. If you don’t get to grips with their toys early on, it may get so bad that you’ll need to visit

Germ control

Tidying and washing after your baby whilst trying to think of how to start your own business with no money at home may mean you neglect other cleaning fundamentals such as wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes. To ensure you don’t forget, have a tube of wipes in the baby’s room and kitchen so you can wipe things down easily and often.

Vacuum with baby

Make your baby a part of the cleaning process by vacuuming with him or her in a bjorn/baby carrier. Babies love the noise of a vacuum machine and it’s a great way to settle them down and keep them moving.

Washing up

You’ll need to wash bottles and pacifiers as often as you’ll need to change diapers, so it’s a good idea to invest in a good drying rack next to the kitchen sink for this purpose. may also consider getting a container to keep in the sink filled with warm soapy water. This will let you easily drop used bottles in throughout the day.

Enjoy your baby!

Perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your time with your newborn! An untidy home is actually a sign that there is a little gift inside causing it all, so don’t let that ever overly stress you!