4 Odd Tips To Keep A New Mom Sane (#2 – Epilators!)

image of how to keep a new mommy sane 1We decided to take a break from the usual baby product style posts. Today, we’re going to lighten up; we’re here to provide new mommies with tips to keep themselves sane.

It’s going to be a mix of conventional or off-the-wall advice. It’s meant to make for a good laugh. Grab your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy our tips to help keep new mommies sane!

Our Top Four Tips

1 – Go outside

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to get yourself outside at least once a day (and you should try for multiple times). Humans were not meant to be cooped indoors all day long and it’s likely your only home with the newborn.

Now, getting outside is easier said than done, sometimes. If you significant other is at work during the day, then you likely have no one to monitor your baby. If your baby is less than a month old it’s understandable to keep them indoors.

That said, schedule time with your significant other (or someone else) to make sure you get some outdoor time. It’s best if you can do without your child as you’ll need a break. It will help you relax. Studies have shown that being outside naturally reduces stress and anxiety.

Get some fresh air (like now!).

2 – Use An Epilator

image of the how epilator reduces stress 1

Okay, tip #1 appears to be sound in nature. But, how can epilating help reduce stress and keep a new mommy sane? It’s simple. You don’t have the time and patience to be shaving the old school way.

In addition, sleep deprivation has been shown to significantly reduce motor skills. Bottonline, you’re not safe with a razor in your hand! Do yourself a favor and shave the easy way: Epilate.

If you’ve never used an epilator then we recommend you get yourself up to speed on the process. There are some great resources out there (we highly recommend Diva Toolkit).

Diva Toolkit made it is easy for me to pick the best epilator for my shaving needs. Click here for epilator products reviews if you’re familiar and ready to make your purchase.

Don’t laugh at me (I know you want to). After I bought a top rated epilator my stress levels went down. Shaving went from being a chore (and messy) to a painless process. Do yourself a favor and buy a top rated epilator. You will not be disappointed!

3 – Take A Nap

Yes, naps are just great for your newborn child. They are amazing for mommies too! Just like our first tip (getting outside), taking a nap may present challenges when you’re on your own.

Again, reach out to family and friends and ask if they can watch your kid for about an hour. You don’t need to sleep for the full hour. Research has shown that naps a short as five minutes have positive effects on our bodies.

Ideally, we recommend you shoot for a 20 minute nap; it appears to be the best time. It’s enough to feel rested, but short enough where your deep sleep chemicals don’t kick in.

After the quick power nap, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to tackle mommyhood again. Close those eyes!

4 – Have Your Husband Chip In With Chores

Raising a newborn kid can be overwhelming; it will test your patience and stress levels. If you’ve been the one behind the house chores, then you need to look for a little relief during this time.

First stop: Your husband or significant other.

Laundry? Dishes? Trash? The list goes on. If you’re taking the brunt of the child duties, then you need to get this off your plate. These extra tasks will add a ton of stress to your already stressful live.

Your husband is the perfect candidate to pitch in. I recommend you start slow with the process. If you’re the one that normally does laundry, suggest that he starts doing it with you. Even though you’re involved, the extra hand will feel great.

After he gets the hang of it, make him complete it for the next few months.


Being a new mommy can be crazy (actually, it is crazy). These four tips, as weird or normal as they sound, will help reduce your stress levels.

We all want a happy mommy!