Feeding Children Organic Foods

Pesticides and drug-resistant bacteria. They are not the type of things that you want to feed your kids. And the argument used to be that you are risking your child’s health by feeding them conventionally grown fruits and vegetables contaminated with the stuff, so you should feed them organic produce instead.

While the long term health risks of eating non-organic fruits and vegetables to this day have never been conclusively proven, one thing is for sure; organic food contains less pesticides and drug-resistant bacteria. So if you can afford to, it’s better to be risk free and feed your children organic fruits and veg. And that is especially true now that growing organic food is easier than ever.


Top 5 Things to Help Boost Fertility

Trying to get pregnant? Here are some tips to increase your chances.

It’s all in the timing: Women are more fertile during certain times of their cycle. Your cycle begins the first day of your menstrual period. (The average menstrual cycle is 28-32 days.) Usually, ovulation takes place between day 11 and 21. Some doctors suggest counting back 14 days from the due date of your next period and calling that day ovulation day.


Photo Ready Babies

It’s photo day at preschool! What to do?!

Anyone who has had children will know, that they grow and change at an exponential rate during their first few years of life. Many modern parent’s today are eager to capture these changes in their children by documenting them through photography.


Get in Shape After Pregnancy!

Getting in shape after pregnancy….seems like quite a chore, doesn’t it? A couple I know recently welcomed their first child into the world. We’re all pretty close, so I was there for that struggle – the new mom trying to shed those pregnancy pounds and get into better shape than she was in high-school. I actually ended up expounding advice, and even doing a fair bit of research on my own to help both of my friends out.


Importance of Sunscreen for Kids

Use your sunscreen!

The attention continues to grow for sun-tanners and people who like to lay out to achieve that beautiful, dark and tanned skin.  Parents will take their kids with them out to the pool and spend countless hours relaxing in the sun.  They need not forget to protect their children from these harmful rays.  While over exposure to the sun can be bad for everyone, it is extremely harmful for kids because their skin is much more delicate at this age.